English and Food Company

Now,English skills is very important to employ a company.For example,TOEIC ,TOFUL and so on.So Why companies make a point of English skills?

That reason is that English is very important tool to communicate with other people.Now,English is used all over the world.Mostly,English used second language as a universal language,so English is very material tool to communicate with anyone around the world.Therefore English and business is deeply connected.For example,writing an e-mail to foreign company’s worker,transference to abroad.Example of Santry,there is
the Global Challenge Program, it is a voluntary participation program aligned with Suntory’s business strategy, designed to help each participating staff member stretch their career. In this program,there is Trainee Dispatch Program,this program is designed with the aim of educating staff able to work overseas in the future, this program sends younger staff members to overseas group companies to work as trainees for designated periods. These trainees will learn about global business, and will improve their language skills, communication skills, and ability to understand and adapt to non-Japanese cultures.

Therefore,English and business is very deep conect,but I think that English skills don’t need to employ at food company.At Santry’s HP,detail about English skills to require employing isn’t.I think that we are required reading and listening.In fact,mostly we are required TOEIC score,not TOFUL,because TOEIC is only listening and reading.This reason is that we can’t win speaking and writing against student that studying abroad and native speaker.Therefore,definately English skill is necessarry,but I think that all English skills are require to employ at a food company.




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