A.,TĂLPĂU, D., BOŞCOR,CUSTOMER-ORIENTED MARKETING – A STRATEGY THAT GUARANTEES SUCCESS: STARBUCKS AND MCDONALD’S,Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov • Vol. 4 (53) •No. 1 – 2011 Series V: Economic Sciences

This article is written about difference between Starbucks and Mcdonald’s business strategy,particularly,written about customer- oriented marketing.First,Starbucks began customer -oriented marketing from the beginning,but Mcdonald began product-oriented marketing.As a result,Starbucks’s profit increased 20% than last year,but Mcdonald ‘s profit decreased than last year,so Mcdonald changed customer-oriented marketing,emulates Starbucks.For example,cherishing  environment,indicate component and calorie.

Starbucks’s main objective was always to serve people, not coffee. This means that they put the customer at the centre of their activity and consequently, all their decisions and actions are made to take the needs of the customers into consideration.Howard Schultz, the man who built the Starbucks coffee company said: “We aren’t in the coffee business, serving people. We are in the people business, serving coffee”.In addition Starbucks emulates “Starbucks experience”.This means that preferably,customers visit many times,so Starbucks take marketing rooted in the community.Furthermore,Starbucks makes a point of “Third place”.This is between home and work,so customers have more tense than home,and more relax than workplace.

I think that this article is reliable.This reason is that this article is written about the fact of the past,and accurate data and graph.And Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Braşov is reliable.

This article is very useful for our topic,because this article written about Starbucks’strategy the past and now,furthermore accurate data and graph.In addition,This  article raise Mcdonald as a comparison.Therefore I was easy to understand this article.




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